The Finnish Research Infrastructure for Public Opinion


The Finnish Research Infrastructure for Public Opinion (FIRIPO) is a collaborative effort by Åbo Akademi University, University of Turku and Tampere University to establish a national infrastructure for public opinion research in Finland. FIRIPO is funded by the Academy of Finland. The four central goals of FIRIPO are:

  1. To systematize and coordinate scientific research on public opinion and choice behavior in Finland
  2. To learn, develop and share (new) methods in public opinion research, and to advise on the use of public opinion in policy-making
  3. To create an open node for public opinion research,
  4. To accelerate open science aims through open data and open collaboration in public opinion research in collaboration with the Finnish Social Science Data Archive FSD.

The infrastructure’s panel components provide researchers with reliable tools for data collection and the ability to quickly and accurately investigate public opinion on current events. The deliberation labs and decision making labs offer tools to experimentally investigate decision making and policy choices

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